Incredible 2c Curly Hair Cut Ideas

Incredible 2c Curly Hair Cut Ideas

2C hair consists of S-shaped waves mixed with ringlets. These waves and curls begin at the roots, unlike their 2B wave sisters, which start around eye level. The biggest goal of wavies is to find products that fight frizz while giving the hair enough hold to keep the waves defined without making them crispy or weighing them down.

I took it for granted. When I just embraced curly girl a few weeks ago, I thought I was 2c/3a because I had ringlets and a mixture of s waves and almost straight pieces. I used Shea Moisture stuff. After getting curly cut, I was told its all too heavy for my hair. You may just want to try lighter products and a light "poo" instead of cowashing.

Yeah I definitely agree with Joce12. I once cut my hair short (my mum decided to cut my hair short) and it was about a chin length bob, I was eight and I HATED it because of the length, it stuck out and I ended up straightening it constantly and It took me a few years to grow out.

My hair is still currently transitioning, FYI. The above picture is the difference between 3 weeks ago and now! I have a variety of waves/curls ranging from 2A-2C, although about 75% of my hair is classified as 2b hair.. My hair is also fine, thin, and has low porosity. *I originally thought I had high porosity hair because it doesn’t take long to get wet in the shower by any means, but it.

A styling tip: When blow-drying 2c curly hair, set the tool at the cool setting and use a diffuser. In this way, curls won’t blend together and give you a damage-free, well-defined look. In this way, curls won’t blend together and give you a damage-free, well-defined look.

"As a professional stylist, prepping for our haircut session is absolutely pivotal in hitting a picture-perfect result. I love to follow the mantra of the 3-D's; arrive for our session detangled, down, and dry. Because I cut my guest's hair dry and in its naturally curly state, seeing how they wear their hair and how their curls live is key.

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Don't know how to adjust certain "curly hair rules" to fit the needs of your unique hair type? You’ve got questions, and YouTube hair guru CurlyPenny has got answers. Don’t worry, type 2c’s, 3a's and all the curlies in between, we hear you loud and clear.

Nothing destroys curly hair more than too much texturizing. Cut-happy stylists that can't put down the thinning shears are a serious danger. Curly hair needs weight removed from its bulk, but the weight should never be removed from the ends. Curly hair needs the ends to be heavy so the curl can take shape.

The longer my hair gets in the back (2c) the curlier it gets. The sides are more 2b and my bangs area are the only place I get true root curl (those pieces border on 3a). I grew out my bangs when I went CG a couple of years ago, and while I miss them they weren't the best thing for my overall mixed patterns.

Katherine has wavy hair and loves the Curly Girl Method. She shares her favorite tips, products and techniques to fight frizziness, air dry, enhance curls and style fine or thick hair (2a, 2b, 2c).