Cool 3b Curly Hair With Bangs This Years

Cool 3b Curly Hair With Bangs This Years

Inspired by the beautiful Sophia Roe, also type 3b, I decided to try something new and get bangs. At the time, it seemed more of a risk to venture into the world of curly bangs. Curly hair can already be so unpredictable, and bangs..well they multiply that unpredictability.

I have low porousity, medium density 3b curls down to around my elbow and I have bangs that are partially side-swept, but also cover a good amount of my forehead. Be sure to have them cut dry and with your hair in its natural curl pattern (also take into consideration that curly hair bounces up A LOT when it's cut shorter so you may have to.

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Type 3b hair usually has ringlets that have the circumference of a Sharpie, and a big goal for 3b ladies is to fight frizz by using moisturizing products and to avoid drying ingredients. Most people have multiple textures on their head, so it is very common to have majority 3b curls, with 3a and 3c mixed in as well.

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3b curly bangs? geegollygosh Registered Users Posts: 11. August 2011 in Hair Type 3. So I'm long overdue for a haircut and I was thinking of getting long-ish bangs and leaving them curly.. cuz back in the day you could wear curly hair and straight bangs and it was cool, lol.

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3B hair types often consist of a cross between medium-sized corkscrew curls and waves. Just like any other natural hair type, it craves moisture the majority of the time. 3B hair types may not need as much moisture as type 4 hair , as the natural sebum from your scalp has just a little less of an issue traveling down your loose curl pattern.

Completely dry your hair with a hair drier before styling up your hair. Below are some spectacular curly hairstyles with bangs. 20 Most Outstanding Curly Hairstyles With Bangs Buzz Haircut with Curls. Buzz haircut with curls has been there for a long period. It is characterized by both a black and curly look throughout the head.

Attractive Shor Curly Hairstyles with Bangs. Following are the top most short curly hairstyles ideas with bangs for women. 1. Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs. Girls with curly hair can get a pixie cut, and it will be as cool as this one. Ideal for: So many women have been dreaming of getting a pixie cut, but they are not sure because of the curly.

Re: RE: 3b curly hair My bangs are my problem area too! I usually use a spray leave-in like the Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-Conditioner, then I'll just smooth a medium-strong hold gel over the section, and after it dries I'll just rub any oil or serum in my hands and I'll scrunch/smooth my bangs!