Awasome African Hair Braiding References

Awasome African Hair Braiding References

African hair braiding is an ancient form of cultural and political art that stems from African tribal customs. The earliest evidence of African hair braiding originated from Egypt in 3500 BCE. Every region and tribe in Africa has its own distinct style of hair braiding.

Stunning African Braids There is no better way to inspire the growth of your naturally kinky African hair. Herein are some striking African braiding styles you can copy for your hair. 1 Classic Cornrows African Braids source. Cornrows have been around for a long time and they look to remain fashionable for a long period to come.

Natural hair thickness and fullness makes the African hair braiding sensational. African hair braiding is daunting but can be achieved with a little help. You get this classy and modish braid style without visiting the salon. You must have seen how that black women carry the style beautifully in natural hair texture.

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African hair braiding has a long tradition of beauty and unique style that's why we love these african braids pictures. They come in so many beautiful styles and forms that it's impossible to put a number on how many actually exist, but we won't worry about all of that.

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