List Of Black Hair Dyed Blonde References

List Of Black Hair Dyed Blonde References

If you've dyed your hair black or have naturally black hair, going from black to blonde hair can be one of the most arduous processes. It is certainly doable however, and you can take even the darkest hair color, natural or otherwise to the lightest blonde color as long as your hair is already in good condition and you haven't damaged it with other chemical treatments in the past.

Be warned – when you go from black to blonde in one fell swoop, it will involve stripping the black out of your hair before applying a blonde shade. This stripping process is what makes the hair go crispy, and it’s damn hard to get a good clean blonde in one go.

To dye black hair blonde, the existing black color needs to be stripped off of your hair, and then the hair needs to be re-colored with blonde hair dye. Going from black hair to blonde hair is the most difficult color change to obtain and can cause the most damage to hair. Quality hair products and lots of hair conditioner will provide the best.

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Hair that has been dyed black will never lighten that much in a single process, though. To apply highlights to a section of hair, you need a tail comb. Take a thin layer of hair, weave through it with the tail of your comb, and clip the rest of the hair from your layer back.. To dye the under-layers of your blonde hair black, the process is.

Use purple shampoos and conditioners made for blonde hair. When you go to the store, look for products that state they are for blonde hair. Shampoos and conditioners with a purple hue will help keep your hair from transitioning from bright blonde to straw yellow. For the best results, use a purple shampoo 1-2 times per week.

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Result on Hair that was dyed black in salon, balayage multi-tonal blonde. If your hair been dyed black at a professional salon using professional colors once or twice - then the odds are greater to achieve platinum blonde or a very light blonde tone. This is the best predicament since the hair dye should be easier to remove.

However, if your hair does not meet these two criteria the high lift dye will not lighten your hair all the way to blonde. You may end up with something like orange or red hair that might be expensive to correct back to blonde. Hair lift dye does not have ability to lighten very dark hair to blonde, though this can depend on your starting color.

6. Honey Blonde Highlights on Black Hair. Honey blonde highlights brighten the face and look perfect with beachy waves or soft, loose curls. The tasseled, just-got-out-of-bed look is a great way to add some drama to your hair, without overpowering it or drawing attention away from your attributes.

If you have dark brown or black hair and you want to bleach it platinum blonde or white, be prepared for the process to take several days. Section your hair into 4 parts and apply the bleach mixture about a quarter of an inch away from your scalp, starting in the back and working your way forward.