Incredible Black Hair Products Walmart You Must Know

Incredible Black Hair Products Walmart You Must Know

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Walmart says it will no longer store multicultural cosmetic products in security cases inside its stores.

Walmart will discontinue the practice of keeping ‘multicultural’ hair care and beauty products in locked cases, the company said in a tweet.

Hair care and beauty products sold predominantly to black people could be accessed at certain stores only by getting a Walmart employee to unlock the cases, some of which featured additional anti.

Walmart has ended the racist practice of placing Black hair care products in locked cases within their stores. On Wednesday, the retailer confirmed that they would no longer be putting "multicultural hair care and beauty products" in these boxes, according to CNN .

After facing scrutiny for discriminatory practices, Walmart is changing its policy of locking up beauty products marketed toward black people. Many customers have questioned why personal care products for black people were given heightened security measures.

Walmart to unlock ‘multicultural’ hair products after racism row After photos of two store shelves sparked huge backlash, one of the United State’s biggest retailers has made a stunning.

Walmart announced that the company will no longer lock multicultural hair and beauty products in cases as Sephora promises to dedicate 15% of its shelf space to black-owned brands.

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"I need to ask the manager at Riverhead Walmart why is it that the black hair products are the only ones under lock and key and now I have to wait for them to find the key smh," she wrote, along.

In 2019, another female California resident reported feeling singled out after finding black beauty and hair products locked in a glass case at a Walmart store in the city of Riverside.