List Of Blonde Hair Anime Girl With Red Eyes This Years

List Of Blonde Hair Anime Girl With Red Eyes This Years

11. Chii – Straight Blonde Hair. Chii is probably the only anime girl in the list with this very long blonde hairstyle. As you can see, the two front pieces of her hair are styled in very low ponytails, which fall right in front of her ears, while the rest of her hair is styled back. Top Anime Girl Characters with Ponytails . 12.

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Top 20 Anime Girls with Blonde Hair on MAL. If you've got a thing for blonde haired anime bombshells, then this article is for you! They are not only cute and pretty, but also incredibly talented, smart and efficient. Let's take a look at the 20 most popular anime girls with blonde hair on MyAnimeList!

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Red is the color of fire and blood. Which also associates the color with strength, power, danger as well as desire, passion, and love. The color red also indicates courage. Anime girls with red hair always stand out in the anime series not just because of the color but the features the red hair represents.

14. Shirayuki (Snow White With The Red Hair) Last but not least Shirayuki, the titular character of the anime Snow White With The Red Hair. Well, unlike most anime girls on the list, this beautiful red-head had to face a bunch of difficulties due to her unique hair color. Yet, her hair compliment her straight-as-an-arrow personality.

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An anime girl with black hair and purple eyes is the beautiful Homura Akemi. Her waist-length hair is thick and voluminous, for all her forms – school girl, magic girl, and demon. Also, early in the timeline, she used to wear red glasses.

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Blonde hair in anime is a color that represents ALL kinds of personalities and traits. There’s never “one” way to define it, unlike red-haired anime characters in comparison. But with that said – you usually find these traits in blonde haired anime characters: Main characters. Wealthy. Beautiful. Tsundere. And so many more.