Cool Blue Ombre Hair References

Cool Blue Ombre Hair References

Now this is a blue ombre hair idea that will make heads turn. As opposed to most options with blue and similar colors, this photo shows that a striking contrast can go far. Electric blue and equally electric magenta are phenomenal together. 9. Pale to Bright Blue Ombre Hair

Blue ombre, with its indirect references to fantasy creatures like mermaids and fairies, is all the rage with the younger set these days. It’s nowhere near as difficult to pull off as it may seem: all you need is a good colorist/stylist and a shade of blue you actually like. Best Versions of Blue Ombre for Blonde, Brown and Black Hair

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12. Blue Ombre & Pink Highlights If you feel that your blue ombre hair is not enough to grab people’s attention, you could add a few pink highlights into the mix. The final hairstyle will look exceptional, not to mention that everyone one the street will notice your free-spirited sense of style. 13. Light Brown & Blue with Curls

This list of blue ombre hair ideas will leave you feeling blue if you don’t go for a color change. As you’ve seen, it doesn’t even have to be something ultra-drastic. From subtle blue peekaboos to striking looks and ice queen-approved icy blues, this top has something for everyone!

Electric black to blue ombre on short hair as seen in the above photo is ideal for girls who love edgy hair. Rock chicks will pull it off easily, but other girls as well. Throw a few curls into the mix, and you’ll get a super cute style. 2. Short Blue Ombre for Blonde Hair. Blue ombre isn’t just for dark, black hair.

Blue – Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas. The combination of dark blue and black creates a very subtle ombre. If you don’t like a lot of contrast and bright colors, this is a great option. Black transitions to blue seamlessly and looks simply incredible.

This is called ombre. The tips of the hair begin to darken again, but not as dark as the roots started out to be. This is a really fun and unique blend of blues that is sure to get lots of attention. This would require multiple types of blue hair dye, but is worth the trouble. 2) Beautiful Blue Ombre Shades

Blue hair has been making a comeback and we can’t get enough of this deep, icy trend. Whether you want to dye your whole head of hair blue, or simply opt for blue highlights or blue hair ombre, there are endless ways to give this trend a try.

Ombre hair has been around for quite some time and has transformed in a variety of ways. Most people believed that this trend has come and gone. However, the truth is, it is still in high demand. This is a perfect way of expressing yourself and showcasing a different side of your personality.

Blue and Purple Ombre Hair. Besides using dyes to create purple, and blue ombre hair colors, you can use hair extensions. You can keep the top part of your hair natural and use hair extensions to add an outrageously dyed bottom part of the ombre. If a girl feels up to flaunting amazing hair colors, she won’t stop at anything.