Awasome Blunt Cut Long Hair This Years

Awasome Blunt Cut Long Hair This Years

Blunt cut with long hair is a very trendy option for the modern woman. Undeniably sleek and chic, this statement look will give you thick, healthy-looking strands. The only real downside to this striking style is its high level of upkeep.

Long Blunt Cut. By the name only, you would have guessed that this hairstyle is for the long and smooth hair type. The blunt cut looks quite sexy on smooth long tresses. And the hair color shade from espresso to chocolate brown gives a lively and bouncy look to your hairstyle. This will suit both the oval shape face and the long face also.

Blunt Cut Long Hair. When most women think of blunt cuts, they probably think of Anna Wintour’s classic severe chin-length blunt cut with bangs. But a blunt cut looks great on long hair. Getting a blunt cut is a great way for a woman with long hair to modernize her style.

14. Blunt Cut for Super Long and Silky Hair: If you have extra-long hair and want to maintain the length, then you are good to go with these blunt cut hairstyles for long hair. This is good and formal too in a way, is quite polished and you can look edgy. Women who are petite in the figure will look best in this style.

The blunt cut works on any hairstyle, and Naomi's hair is proof of that. A classic curling iron or wand can give straight-haired girls this exact same look. 19 Anna Wintour

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Blunt Cut Long Hair. Inspiration for a blunt cut on long hair is hard to find, but we just want to make it super easy for you. Several front strands may be a bit shorter. By MG Hair Design. 32. Blunt Cut Bangs. This haircut is probably for the boldest women out there. But you can take the idea of the trendy blunt baby bangs and pair them with.

There are several popular hair hemline shapes for the ends of the hair. Hair that is cut to one length all over is called a blunt cut. Blunt cuts are typically best suited for those with square-shaped faces, and should typically be avoided by those with round faces.Once you have decided that a blunt cut style suits your unique facial features and structure, cutting the hair into this shape is.

Long Blunt Hairstyles for the Girl Who Doesn't Really Want a Cut. But getting a blunt cut doesn't mean you have to go short.. And if you have fine hair, Townsend notes getting this cut can.

If you want a blunt (straight across) cut, you'll need to hold your scissors horizontally as you cut straight across your hair. If you want a softer, more natural and layered look, you'll need to turn your scissors at a 45-degree angle and cut upward into your hair, making small diagonal cuts.

36. Blunt Cut on Blonde Hair. When it comes to a-line bobs, especially if your hair is wavy, there is no need to make obvious layers. A little asymmetry in the back fortified by striking highlights is all you need to create a unique hairstyle. Blunt Cut + Long Hair . 37. Choppy Blunt Bob