The Best Box Braids Natural Hair Tutorial Ideas

The Best Box Braids Natural Hair Tutorial Ideas

Before we get started, a lesson in patience: box braids are a work of hours. There’s little “hacking” to do to make the process shorter, except for practicing a lot to improve your hand skills to threads faster. box braids are done by creating single loose braids with threaded in hair extensions, so that it is difficult to notice when you natural hair ends and the extensions begins.

Box braids are always a fun, hip hairstyle. But, the style may look a little too complicated for some hair minimalists out there to D.I.Y. Many people opt for extensions to create a box braid look, but if you want to keep your natural locks intact, we have news for you: you can easily create box braids on natural hair, too!

Braiding hair for box braids couldn’t be simpler. Place the folded extension over your hair tie and pull the strand apart so it lies either side of your natural hair section. This will help keep the braid as close as possible to your scalp. Then, start a regular three strand braid by weaving the outer extensions under the middle strand.

How to Box Braid for a ’90s-Inspired Bun Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly. We prefer using a gentle shampoo and a conditioner, like Suave Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo and Moisturizing Curl Conditioner. that moisturizes so you don’t overstrip your hair (Note: Natural and curly hair types are typically drier than others).Starting with clean, well-rinsed locks is a crucial step to creating.

Box braids are good for natural tresses that need a break from heated styling and are a fun way to change up your look if you’re bored. The reason why they’re so popular is to do with the fact they require less attention than natural hair and allow you to get creative with colour and styles without any commitment.

Thankfully, YouTube is a treasure trove of useful information from beauty vloggers and natural hair gurus, and there are enough beginner-friendly box braid tutorials to go around. Read ahead to.

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Styles with Box Braids Tutorial #2: The Bow Bun Updo. As one of our favorite easy and quick hairstyles, buns can be worn in so many ways, including the creative and girly bow bun updo that’s already been making the rounds in the Asian hairstyling community (with box braids with bangs being another popular look).As another super-cute way to wear your box braids, it’s chic, modern and on-trend.

Here are some tips to help you box braid natural hair. Wash and deep condition your hair. Then starting from the back of your head section off sections of hair. You can decide how big or small to make your box braids. This all depends on how much time you have to create this hair style. If you are unsure how the outcome will look find a picture.

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