Cool Brad Pitt Long Hair 90s You Must Know

Cool Brad Pitt Long Hair 90s You Must Know

Brad Pitt recorded a video to celebrate the seniors of Missouri State University, and sports an extra '90s quarantine hairstyle in the clip.

Pitt showed off his almost chin-length ‘90s-esque lob (and some nice chin scruff) in a video congratulating the graduates of Missouri State University. Pitt actually grew up in Springfield, MO, the town where the university is situated, although he attended the University of Missouri himself.

A Look Back at Brad Pitt's Hair Evolution Throughout His Career.. Pitt kept his long hair,. were widely mocked for having the same haircut in the late '90s. Lawrence Schwartzwald Getty Images.

Remember long and luscious Brad in Interview With a Vampire? Short and spiky Brad in Fight Club? Mid-length and tousled Brad in Thelma and Louise? My point is, like the rest of us, Pitt's estranged from his hair stylist while in quarantine, and perhaps unlike the rest of us, his hair has grown naturally into a chic '90s look.

Brad Pitt's Hair Through the Years: A Glorious Journey Even on his off days, Brad Pitt's hair evolution is one to be admired, emulated, and revered. By Justin Kirkland

17. Brad Pitt with Bangs. Back in the late 90s, Brad could often be found rocking hairstyles with bangs. Although he never opted for a full bowl cut, his options usually followed the main shape but with wispy bangs. To adapt your look to today’s trends, part your hair and sweep your bangs to the side.

Brad Pitt has sported a number of long hairstyles over the years, from the erstwhile heartthrob in Legends of the Fall to the tousled warrior in Troy. But it’s this style, from his early.

Brad Pitt’s doing it, so is la Chalamet – hell, even Ansel Elgort, he of nail-varnish-gate, is getting in on the action. So here’s why you too should be wearing your hair long, pulled back.

We can probably say with some degree of certainty that Brad Pitt with long hair was a favorite fantasy that a lot of women had through the 90s and early 2000s. It seemed like a very difficult look to pull off, since the superstar also paired his long locks with a beard and sometimes just a goatee, but he made it work like no one else.

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