Cool Chestnut Brown Hair Color With Blonde Highlights You Must Know

Cool Chestnut Brown Hair Color With Blonde Highlights You Must Know

#19: Chestnut Brown Hair with Red Highlights. A solid chestnut hair color is luxurious, but don’t be afraid to mix in some other colors – with highlights. This beauty’s light chestnut brown hair is enhanced with some soft red streaks. The red helps bring out the different tones of the chestnut base.

Blonde might be the most popular hair color, but actually, it’s brown that should be crowned the king of hair shades. If you are still at a loss about how a chestnut brown color can diversify your image, we would recommend taking a close look at the collection of Chesnut brown photos to get fresh inspiration.

Chestnut brown hair color is a beautiful, rich shade that flatters most complexions. It blends beautifully with darker skin and provides striking contrast with lighter skin tones. Talk to your stylist about adding caramel or pale, smoky highlights to give this hair color lively movement.

Light brown hair with highlights is to hair as a winter complexion is to skin. Basically, the addition of blonde highlights to light brown hair will make the overall color of the hair appear paler, resulting in a fresh, cute and natural look for the colder months! 12) Contrasting Blonde and Brown Hair with Lowlights

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Olsen's crazy-glossy color is the result of chestnut, gold, and copper highlights, which give her hair the illusion of a tiger-eye stone IRL. 7 Jamie Chung's Chestnut-Striped Curls Getty Images

Ribbons of warm golden highlights mix in with a chestnut brown base color to create a brunette style that looks like it radiates warmth. Whether you live in a place where fall signals changing leaves or just a slight drop in temperature, this yummy hair color will feel appropriate for the season.

Her hair is first washed with dark chestnut dye. Then, her waves are highlighted using caramel and ash blonde shades. 24. Chestnut Hair With Highlights. You can go for this look if you are looking for an option from chestnut brown hair colour ideas. She has light shades of the colour of her hair ends and at the few strands near her face.

Amy Poehler’s reddish-brown hair with blonde highlights is an inspiration to us all, proving you can be everything if you want to – smart, funny, successful, beautiful, and stylish, all at the same time. Conclusion. Brown hair with blonde highlights is a basic color combination that is nonetheless a must in any fashionista’s bag of tricks.

Versatility is what makes bleaching brown hair fun and exciting. From heavy blonde highlights on chestnut brown hair to mahogany tresses kissed with copper, blonde can be quite ambitious. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas. Take a look at the following brunette hue ideas and get inspired for an enlightened look.

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