Cool Cinderella Hair Extensions Veil References

Cool Cinderella Hair Extensions Veil References

Cinderella Hair Strips® is designed to give volume and length in about an hour. Each strip is 3” wide and secured in place with I-Links®. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional hair weft and are tired of sewing or braiding, Cinderella Hair Veil® will save time and money.

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Attaching the Cinderella Hair Veil couldn’t be any easier. Without the use of heat, glue, sewing or braiding you would use Silicone I-Links to attach the Cinderella Hair Veil and fold over the top layer of hair to cover the I-Links. Your hair will look, feel and move naturally! The Cinderella Hair Veil was created to be reusable which saves.

Whether you want longer hair or more volume, our professional stylists at Hair Loft Salon can give you an elegant new look with our Cinderella Hair Veil®. Rather than a blunt or straight line of hair, these Cinderella hair extensions are designed to blend naturally into virtually every hairstyle.

Cinderella Hair Veil This is a revolutionary Hair Extension that is customized for each clients head shape. Light-weight polyurethane strip that completely hides the bead attachment with another layer of hair!

For Salons, we offer a 2 Day/6 Methods/16 Hours Hands-on Training Seminar which covers our Classic Bond Hair Extensions, I-Hair® I-Tip Extensions, Flat Tip I-Hair® Extensions, T-Hair® Tape Extensions, Cinderella Hair® Strips, and Cinderella Hair Veil®.

CINDERELLA HAIR VEIL . The Cinderella Hair Veil is applied with links and is reusable. This hair should be removed and re-applied every 6-8 weeks. It comes 30" wide and we cut to customize it to your head size, shape, and desired end result. Learn more about Cinderella VEIL Hair Extensions here.

The process is painless, but you can expect to be there anywhere from two to six hours depending on how much hair you have placed. You can choose to enhance your natural hair by changing its color, making it thicker, or adding dramatic length.And in case bonded extensions aren't your thing, Cinderella Hair offers other extension options, such as strips, veils, and clip-ins, among others.

Cinderella hair stays silky and shiny washing after washing. Cinderella comes in dozens of shades so you are guaranteed a perfect blend with your own natural color. You are also able to add dramatic color results with several two toned hairstrands and dramatic fantasy colors.

Cinderella Hair Extensions. 100% Remy Human Cuticle & Root Point Correct Hair Extensions. Pre-Bonded & Stick Tip /I-Tip Hair Extensions. Ethically Sourced

Not only do we offer our Classic Bond Hair Extensions and now by offering I-Hair® I-Tip Extensions, Flat Tip I-Hair®, T-Hair® Tape Extensions, Cinderella Hair® Strips and Cinderella Hair Veil® you now have endless choices and possibilities.