List Of Crazy Hair Colors For Blue Eyes You Must Know

List Of Crazy Hair Colors For Blue Eyes You Must Know

One of the most amazing hair colors for those with blue eyes, fair skin, and a cool skin tone is jet black. This dramatic hair change is very striking. Follow in the footsteps of Alexis Bledel, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel with this show-stopping style.

When picking your color, keep in mind that some colors don’t last as long as others. Mainly red, and blue shades are the quickest to fade. Colors that tend to last longer are purple, pink, orange, and yellow. Which of these is your favorite crazy hair color? Do you now or have you ever had a unique hair color like these?

A hair color list would be incomplete without a couple of crazy colors. And speaking of crazy colors, always opt for ones with blue or violent undertones when you have cool toned skin. Depending on the color of your skin, you can experiment with various shades of blue until you find the right one for you.

Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin with Blue Undertones. The go-to celebrity example for dark skin with blue undertones is the talented Lupita Nyong’o, who usually wears her hair dark, cool black. This is a classic choice that will perfectly complement your skin.

If you want to dye your hair in an unnatural color but can’t choose a shade, use your eye color as a guide. For example, yellow, orange, or blue hair will compliment blue eyes, while red, pink, or green hair goes well with brown eyes. Alternatively, pick a color that reflects your personality.

Although there is a lack of research, many sources claim that the rarest hair and eye color combination is blue eyes with red hair. Did We All Have Brown Eyes? It is believed that the human race started out having brown eyes, and due to genetic mutations, other colors came about. Perhaps this is why brown is the most common (but no less.

Green blue eyes can be made attractive by the wide variety of hair colors. The prime rule about your skin tone and complexion must hold in any case of hair color selection. To make your blue-green eyes stand out try light blonde or some medium brown. Also remember that your natural hair color complements your eyes in most cases.

Per our previous point about bold colors being trickier for brunettes, this formula offers the perfect solution. Tailor-made for those with brown hair, you don’t need any bleach in order to achieve any of the five electric shades. Choose from magenta, blue, red, green, and ruby, all of which are surprisingly intense.

If you look good in warm colors such as red, yellow, gold, orange, etc., it is likely that warm hair colors such as golden, red, burgundy, and rich browns will look good on you. If you look good in cool colors like blue, green, or violet, a cool hair color such as ash brown, platinum blonde, and most sandy colors will suit you best.

Some hair salon experts recommend that you need to counter the red and blue undertones that often appear under the eyes in order to highlight green eyes or even blue-green eyes. If you can achieve a skin that looks more of peaches-and-cream instead of the red-blue undertone complexion by playing around with your hair colors, then you will be.

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