Cool Curly Hair Method Gel This Years

Cool Curly Hair Method Gel This Years

But after getting deep into the Curly Girl Method last year (a technique—nay, a way of life—of getting truly excellent curls) and finding that a main component of said perfect curls was hair.

Gel is a staple product of The Curly Girl Method, but finding the best one for your hair can be a challenge. And of course, half the battle is just finding gels that are Curly Girl Approved. This list has you covered!

Gels – Curly Girl Method UK Products. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Finding the right gel on the Curly Girl Method is like finding the holy grail. It is the product which will decide the fate of your day/night/refresh/curls aka basically life. I can really only give a few recommendations as I haven’t tried every gel on this.

Use CG approved gel and scrunch it into your hair from the bottom upwards toward the head, saving the top layer for last. Curly hair will get great definition if you fluff the bottom layer while bending forward; just try to avoid futzing around with the top part too much, this will only create frizz. Products to Use for The Curly Girl Method

It is worth remembering that gels have different strengths and a lighter hold gel will work best for wavy hair. Note: The curly girl method recommends finding a gel that is alcohol free. Some alcohols can be drying to wavy and curly hair. Read my post on ….. Curly Girl Approved Gels. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

I first heard about the Curly Girl Method years ago, but I never considered it an option for my in-between, wavy hair. Even calling my hair wavy has always felt a little generous: Whatever wave my hair is sporting on any given day is almost always overshadowed by some show-stealing frizz, dry texture, and altogether unwieldiness—it wasn’t obviously curly hair.

#1: Start With the Curly Girl Method. The Curly Girl Method is a set of guidelines for styling curly and wavy hair with a focus on avoiding sulfates, silicones, and heat and mechanical damage. There are different lists of CG method approved hair products. It is a great starting point and definitely helps to heal damaged hair, but once you start.

The curly girl method is a method developed by Lorraine Massey that encourages curlies to ditch sulfates and silicones, stop brushing and damaging their hair with heat, and enhance their natural curl patterns through wet styling and diffusing.

Final Thoughts On the Curly Girl Method. I think the CG method works great for a lot of curly girls! The method aims to give curly girls great looking (and healthy) curls. And it did just that for me! Over this past year, I’ve learned a lot about my curly hair, and I honestly loved my results.

This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook. At a time when pin-straight hair was the ideal look for all women, it was considered revolutionary to embrace curls.

With that said, let’s look at the Curly Girl Method routine for fine wavy hair. Co-wash. The first step of the Curly Girl Method is to co-wash. Co-washing means to wash your hair with Curly Girl approved conditioners only. This eliminated the use of sulphates (from shampoo) and the use of silicone (from regular conditioners).