Famous Curly Hair Method Tiktok References

Famous Curly Hair Method Tiktok References

This isn't the only curly hair tutorial that's caught the attention of TikTok users. Previously, some had turned to socks , creating tight ringlets through a viral challenge that's also relatively.

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Anyone with curly hair knows how high maintenance it is, and how challenging it can be to find products that successfully tame your frizz.. Annie discovered the 'Curly Girl Method' on TikTok.

TikTok star shares easy split-end trimming method that only takes 3 steps. By. Williams shared the trick in a TikTok post that has been viewed more. “Curly hair straighten it first.”.

Although plopping has been around for years, it’s recently started getting popular again thanks to people sharing their plopping results on social media — especially TikTok. Scroll through the #plopping or #curlygirl hashtags and you’ll be amazed by some of the curly hair journeys people have gone through!

Annie's hair before: She would plait it every evening to keep her curls frizz-free. Annie, from Manchester, who first discovered the method on TikTok, said: “Some people may think the hair will go greasy if it’s not been shampooed. But that’s why you massage to get rid of product buildup.

The method is easy enough. Take a pair of tights, and drape it on your head like a headband, using an alligator clip to keep it in place. In the comments Marjan mentions you can prep your hair.

You can see how the method works on natural hair in this YouTube video below by Tropical Tracey,. If you have curly hair,. How To Curl Your Hair With Socks Viral TikTok Trend.

Marjan, whose hair tutorials you've likely seen on TikTok, is a huge proponent of sock curling. "I love seeing the sock curl trend on TikTok as an easy and accessible way for young girls to style.

Curly Hair Method: How to follow the rules The main rule is to avoid certain ingredients in hair products, including sulfates, which is what makes shampoos lather. This can strip natural oils from the hair, and silicones, which are usually used in conditioners to put softness back into the hair.

Dozens and dozens of TikTok users are shook by what their hair can do with this method, using their own hair products. Check out some of our favorites, below.