Cool Curly Hair Sponge Ideas

Cool Curly Hair Sponge Ideas

As you can see from the video, the hair sponge is designed to be used on naturally curly, coily, and kinky hair textures. A hair sponge can also be used on short natural hair for waves. Sponges that have pyramid-shaped grooves tend to be the best type of sponges to use for creating waves.

Babes with kinky hair textures especially will fall for the easy-coiling powers of the curly hair sponge. This hair texture is extremely wiry and fragile, so this tool quickly becomes handy for creating defined curls. The beauty world seems to be done with damaging treatments and are fully embracing curls.

The hair sponge works best on short, naturally curly and coily hair textures that are at least one inch long. Any shorter and the sponge holes might be too deep for your hair to reach. Any shorter and the sponge holes might be too deep for your hair to reach.

Using the curl sponge on dry hair. Curls are easier to encourage when your hair is damp, but not soaking wet or dry. Skipping the moisturizer. Again, kinky curly hair types need all of the moisture possible. Also, moisturizers give the hair a natural shine that eliminates a dry and dull appearance. Skipping a holding product.

Curly hair is such an amazing stunning concept which is the latest obsession in the fashion and hair styling industry. You really want to achieve that perfect look which seems perfect for that beach outing with that curly wavy hair.. Beauty7 Oval Double-sided Two in One Magic Twist Sponge Hair Brush for Twists, Afros, Coils, Dreadlocks (1 PC.

To start your sponge curls routine, the first thing you want to do is start with clean hair. Wash hair with SheaMoisture Men African Black Soap & Tea Tree Oil 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to cleanse and condition your curly texture in one shot.

A hair sponge works the best on short hair (at least an inch long) with a naturally curly or coily texture. If your hair is shorter than an inch, it might be difficult to get hair inside the sponge hole properly. The same hair sponge does not show the same result if you have straight hair. You can still give a try.

If you wish to create waves on short natural hair, then you will want to use the hair sponge with groove-shaped pyramids. If your hair is naturally curly, the result could be some nice free flowing locks. On the whole, hair sponges with smaller holes are going to work best on short, curly hair; creating small tight evenly distributed coils/curls.

A hair sponge for curly hair can be useful for wash n go styles. Women can use a hair sponge for updos as well. You can find a variety of sponge hairstyles on YouTube and social media. Only you can decide if a hair sponge is the right product for you. Now that you know what it can do, you can weigh the pros and cons and come to a decision.

Using Aloe Vera In Your Curls. Seek out the right products: there are so many unhealthy curl care products out there on the market. Many contain things like sulfates or parabens, which can actually be incredibly drying for curls.

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