Cool Curly Haired Cat Near Me

Cool Curly Haired Cat Near Me

Rounding out our list of curly haired cat breeds is the Ragamuffin. Just like the Chantilly cat, the Ragamuffin doesn’t have the curly hair that the Rexes have. Still, you can consider the Ragamuffin as a wavy-haired cat. They have thick and long fur.

Curly-haired cat breeds have become very popular recently, and include some of the most attractive and good-natured cats in the feline world. Cats with curly hair are great companions first, with other traits like coat type and size being less important factors, but with these curly coated cat breeds the personality is the star and the waves come along for the show.

These curly-haired kitties may look a little unusual at first, but we think they're just as adorable as their shorthaired or longhaired counterparts. There's something irresistibly cool about these wavy coats, and these cats certainly make a statement when they enter the room! Here are four curly-haired cat breeds.

In the late 1950’s, a stray cat gave birth in Devonshire, England to a rather interesting looking curly-haired kitten. The owner was smitten with the kitten’s elf-like features and wonderful waves, and Kirlee the kitten went on to become the founding father of this curly haired cat breed.

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Here are five curly-coated cuties to consider. Devon Rex. The Devon rex originated in Devon, England during the 1960s. The Devon rex is small to medium in size, with a compact body, large ears and a coat of curls and ripples. The coat may be of any color or pattern. This curly haired cat craves companfionship and thrives on interaction with all.

Curly haired cat breeds of this type are the result of crossing two types of cats, Selkirk Rex which has curly fur with the type of Munchkin, which has short legs. Because of the appearance of this cat, many say this cat is similar to “tiny young lamb” because of the color of its white curly hair.

Munchkin is a draft species of a cat whose legs are very short. it was recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1995. This is not recognized as a standardized breed due to health and mobility issues. LaPerm is a curly-haired cat species. LaPerms come in many colors and patterns.

Blessed with naturally curly, wavy, luxuriously kinky fur, these curly haired cats look fancy without even trying. Even better? Although these wavy haired cat breeds aren’t necessarily rare, you can bet that most of your cat lovin’ friends have never seen one, much less had the honor of petting one, in the flesh! And curly haired cats aren.

Photos of an unusual orange kitten have gone viral this week — because the kitten has unbelievably curly hair. Cats come in many shapes and sizes, and most animal lovers are familiar with silky fur, wiry fur, even no fur, but rarely do you come across a cat covered in fluffy ringlets.The picture of the curly-haired kitten, accompanied by the caption “I’ve never seen a cat with curls.

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