The Best Cutting Your Own Hair Mens Fade Near Me

The Best Cutting Your Own Hair Mens Fade Near Me

Fading your own hair is definitely a valuable skill, especially if you want to become a barber, but cutting a fade yourself is not easy. While it might be simpler to start by giving a fade to a friend, some beginners have no choice but to fade their own hair in front of a mirror.

If you’re thinking about cutting your own hair, you’re not alone. There are a number of men learning to cut their own hair at home. Because a trip to the barber shop can be troublesome, time-consuming and even expensive, a DIY haircut could be the perfect solution for some guys.

Or for a low fade create a zero line just above your sideburns. Start from the bottom of the hairline and work up, cutting against the grain with a 0. Then create another line with a 0.5 just.

The fade haircut is a popular, flattering style where the hair is cut short near the temples and neck and gradually gets longer near the top of the head. Depending on the hair and personal style, fades can be high and trimmed or start lower and blend into the neckline. Even if you've never faded.

If you’d like to know how to cut your own hair with clippers fade, here’s what you should do. Attach a lower number guard to your clipper ; you can start with a #0 or #1. Cut your one of your sides against the direction of hair growth ; in most cases, that’s often about an inch wide with the clipper moving from the bottom upwards.

Cutting your hair at home will be difficult enough without making it even more difficult with a handheld mirror! Lastly, a barber cape/cloth will keep the mess to a minimum. However, if you always plan on taking a shower immediately after you are done with trimming your own hair, you can skip this step. To recap, for a good DIY haircut you need:

Cutting your own hair can allow you to experiment with new hairstyles and choose hairstyles which suit your face. A task which would take an hour to complete by a barber considering the time spent in travel as well, you can do the same in 20 to 30 minutes. Cutting your own hair gives you control to look sharp at all times.

If you're unable to get a professional haircut, read our barber's guide to cutting your own hair or giving a mens hair cut at home.

To cut your own hair, you’ll need clippers with different guard lengths, a comb, and some hair cutting scissors. To get started, part your hair on one side of your head where you usually part it, which should be in line with where the side of your hair meets your front hairline.

Tools to get. Let’s have a look at the tools you’ll need to purchase before you sit down to cut your own hair. For your short hair, you’ll definitely need hair clippers, hair scissors, and a handheld mirror.Also, a hair cutting cape, hair thinning scissors, and any hair products like gel are optional, but helpful.. To save you a click, these are the clippers we recommend:

Not only will scissors help you channel your inner barber, they’re ideal for touch-ups and cutting the top of your hair. You don’t want to get carried away with scissors though. Learn the right technique so that you don’t chop off too much hair. Mirror. When cutting your own hair at home, you need to use a mirror.