Awasome Domestic Long Hair Cat Grey This Years

Awasome Domestic Long Hair Cat Grey This Years

A domestic long-haired cat is a cat of mixed ancestry – thus not belonging to any particular recognised cat breed – possessing a coat of semi-long to long fur. Domestic long-haired cats should not be confused with the British Longhair, American Longhair, or other breeds with "Longhair" names, which are standardized breeds defined by various registries.

Domestic Long Hair History. Noted for its hunting skills of rodents, the Domestic Long Hair rode aboard ships from Europe to settle in the United States in the 1700s. Technically, the Domestic Long Hair is not an official recognized breed by various cat associations, including the Cat Fanciers Association, the world's largest breed registry.

The Domestic Longhair is basically a Domestic Shorthair with fancier, longer fur. The long fur gene is recessive, though, so only about 1 in every 10 cats will be a longhaired cat, making these felines more rare than their shorthaired counterparts. The medium to long fur can range from 2 to 6 inches in length.

Until the late 19th century, he was a mere average domestic cat, commonly called a moggy in Britain. Over time, the Shorthair came to be regarded as more than just a working cat, and, per PetMD, began to be welcomed into the home to “share the warmth of the hearth with the family proper.” Other grey cat breeds

Right after the domestic short hair, the domestic long hair is the second most popular breed of cat in America. “Breed” may be the incorrect term as they are not recognized by any major breed registry as a standardized breed. Due to having a wide gene pool, the domestic long hair is not predisposed to any ailments brought on by heredity.

Despite remaining a non-pedigreed cat, the Domestic Shorthair is accepted by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in the Household Pets category, where she can compete for the Grand Household Pet of the year award. Household pets are judged in one group without regard to sex, coat length, age, or color, explains the CFA. They are judged instead.

The one thing that all Domestic Longhairs share, besides their somewhat generic name, is that hair… long beautiful hair! Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen… you get the drift. A Coat of Many Colors. The Domestic Longhairs’ coat is generally two to six inches long. They can sometimes sport fancy neck ruffs, too.

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Minnie – 14 year old female Grey and White Domestic Long-Haired Cat Minnie is a 14 year old female Grey and White Domestic Long-Haired Cat. She came into the care of the RSPCA after her owner decided she no longer wanted her when she moved house.

An athletic cat with a very muscular body, their coat is pale at the root, shading to an even grey at the ends. The hair shaft is luminous, reflecting the light in an even glow. “Their head is made of a series of heart shapes,” Keiger says.

The American Longhair cat was the result of attempts by breeders to infuse certain Persian color varieties into American shorthair cats. The longer coat and some of these colors seemed genetically linked, and the result was a cat with a combination of traits from both it's Persian and American shorthair ancestors.