Famous Galaxy Hair Color Ideas You Must Know

Famous Galaxy Hair Color Ideas You Must Know

Below, I’ve put together a collection of photos from world-renowned hair colorists who’ve created some incredible galaxy hair colors. Note that these are fashion colors, so they can fade quickly without the right care, such as washing your hair with special color shampoo, using cold water and washing as little as possible.

Galaxy Hair Color Ideas 15 Galaxy Hair Ideas That Will Make You Starry-Eyed. October 23, 2015 by Emily Orofino. First Published: October 12, 2015 11.5K Shares View On One Page.

When it comes to coloring your hair, who doesn’t want a hair color that’s out of this world? Well, the latest hair color trend—galaxy hair—is the answer to that desire. Hailing from celestial sources, a galaxy hair color features a gorgeous mix of purple, blue, and magenta shades, making for an other-worldly hair color that’s bold, bright, and sure to turn some heads.

The galaxy hair is achieved by mixing different hair colors, in order to get your hair look like different parts of the galaxy. Before showing you some stunning ideas how to style your galaxy hair, you need to know that this process takes few hours to be done.

Dec 29, 2015 - As hair stylists, beauty inspirations come from everywhere of our life. Plants, animals, lights, but this time it is form the outer space. And this creates the most popular hair color trend of Galaxy Hair. Mysterious, dramatic, changeable, no matterREAD MORE

Out of all the wild fashion hair color trends to choose from, galaxy hair is one of our favorites. Looking to try the look for yourself? Read on to find out how.. Best Hair Color Ideas And Inspiration. Galaxy Hair: The Space Age Hair Trend Is Back And Better Than Ever. FOLLOW US facebook (new window)

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Oct 2, 2016 - ☆Galaxy Hair!!☆. 29 Blue Hair Color Ideas for Daring Women | StayGlam. Thanks to the rainbow hair trend, a growing number of women are dyeing their locks in fun, bright hair colors. Pastel pinks, light violets, and fierce reds can be seen all over social media. Also, more and more women are opting for blue and they actually.

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"Hair strobing is an individualized highlighting that is specific to one's hair color, face shape, and skin tone," explains Daniel Moon, an LA-based celebrity stylist. If you want hair that makes.

Galaxy hair is a blend of colors space-inspired colors like blues, greens, purples, and pinks. It can be a mix of just two colors or as many as six – it’s left to you and your colorist. Intrigued? Check out these styles to get some inspiration! 29 Brilliant Galaxy Hair Color Styles