Awasome Halsey Long Natural Hair Ideas

Awasome Halsey Long Natural Hair Ideas

Halsey's Hair Evolution, From Blue 'Dos to Buzz Cuts From her teal long locks, to several short, yet bright colored cuts, Halsey’s hair has seen several different evolutions over the past few years.

Halsey -- who has recently sported voluminous red locks one day, long, wavy strands the next, and more recently, a sleek, black bob, posed with her short, curly black hair in full view.

HALSEY revealed her natural curly hair in her latest Instagram post – leaving her fans shocked. The singer, 25, has rocked a range of hair styles over the years, including wigs, short crops and.

Halsey has often been a go-to source for hair inspo. Over the years, the singer has worn her hair in various eye-popping hues, like hot pink, bright blonde, and turquoise.But she’s also made it.

Halsey really is a chameleon with her looks. At the Met Gala last month, she was bronzed and shimmer with waist-long brown locks. (Photo: Kevin Mazur/MG19/Getty Images)

Halsey sends fans wild as she reveals her naturally curly hair... after previously slamming followers for claiming it is a WIG. more concerned with her hair - a departure from the long.

Halsey's fans came to her defense, explaining that she's not only wearing her hair the way it naturally grows, but that her father is black. "She’s biracial, and that is probably her natural.

Earlier this week, Halsey debuted her long brown hair on Snapchat, but it's safe to say it definitely isn't natural. Halsey's natural hair is textured and a chocolate brown color, but she has been.

These photos prove that Halsey is the ultimate hair chameleon.. the long, and the very colorful.. Halsey showed off her natural curly texture in a platinum blonde color.

Over the weekend, Halsey posted a sexy Instagram selfie showing off three things: a shoulder tattoo, her robe, and her natural hair. Despite the other parts of the photo that were almost too hot.

Singer Halsey showed what her real hair looks like after a year of wearing wigs.. the pop star took to Instagram and Twitter to show off her textured natural hair—and she looked AMAZING, obvi!