Cool How To Cut Boys Hair At Home Ideas

Cool How To Cut Boys Hair At Home Ideas

The good news is boys haircuts don’t have to require a trip barbershop or salon. With the right barber tools, cutting techniques and tips, you can cut your kid’s hair at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to cut your little boys hair at home in under 15 minutes.

Gabriel’s first mommy cut. Don’t be intimidated by at home haircuts. If all these steps sound complicated, don’t worry! If you’re intimidated, try just doing a buzz cut with the hair clippers to get a feel for how to cut boys hair. This will make you more confident and you’ll be wanting to try different cuts in no time! Believe me.

How to Cut Boys' Hair. If you have the right tools, cutting a boy's hair can be easy and certainly less expensive than going to the salon every month. There are a few different methods you can use to cut hair, depending on the style the...

My Dad cut my hair when I was younger, and when I got older I started to cut my own hair. I’ve only paid for 4-5 haircuts my whole life. I wouldn’t say I give myself amazing haircuts, but I have saved a lot of money. Plus, I think I have gotten better with practice. By practicing on myself for so long I am more prepared to cut my own boys.

How to cut boy hair long: every time you make a cut, cut off a small portion of hair rather than trying to do it fast and take a whole lot. | Photo: iStock Scissors or Trimmers For most of us, when we think of how to cut our child’s hair at home, the first (and perhaps the only) requirement that pops into our head is a pair of scissors.

You can cut dry hair, but wet hair cuts better! Towel or hair cutting cape. Hair falling down on their shoulders and lap is really itchy and annoying. Definitely consider putting a towel or cape around their shoulders. A few other highly rated hair clippers: Watch this video to see how I cut my boys’ hair at home

There’s a huge difference in using clippers (which I advise for boys cuts for an at home mom cut) shears and razors on a male’s hair versus a female. Depending on the cut. To get it even, if not too long I will generally use clippers first.

Heaven knows I've had practice, my boys' hair grows like MiracleGro plants on steroids. So in true FunCheapOrFree fashion, while it may not be fancy, I'll show you how to cut boys hair at home…in under 15 minutes! HINT: It's not as hard as you might think. BUT WAIT!

During this crazy time of life, many of us are learning to cut hair at home. Even after the quarantine, maybe we can use these skills to save money! How to Cut Hair at Home. Through the years, I’ve cut many a head of hair! Matt and the boys just line up and we get ‘er done! We’ve saved thousands of dollars through the years.

A couple of months before the pandemic hit, my son–who had always sported a fairly neat haircut–suddenly decided he liked it longer. Well, he either liked it longer or he just really didn’t feel like sitting through a haircut. Regardless, I am now in isolation with a 9-year-old boy who has not had a haircut since December.

When going back through a cut for layering, hold the hair up in the same way, but do not worry so much about cutting all the hair the same length. The point of layering is to add texture to the hair. Rather than cutting along one straight line, use a short of hacking technique where the hair gets trimmed into smaller and differentiating lengths.