Cool Jungkook Blonde Hair You Must Know

Cool Jungkook Blonde Hair You Must Know

Hook us up with a Cooky towel please! (Picture: Twitter/BTS) BTS star Jungkook has gone blonde and ARMYs (and us) are loving it. Jungkook revealed his new summer hair colour on Twitter as the BTS.

BTS' new hair colors aren't the only hints a comeback is near. RM teased new music during an Oct. 18 iHeartRadio interview, and told ARMYs to "please stay tuned.". Jungkook's blonde hair also isn.

BTS’ Jungkook died his hair half blonde and fans are truly falling all over themselves. People are fainting (k not really but like, it’s mayhem). There’s sheer chaos going on around the.

Mono On Twitter Jeon Jungkook With Blonde Hair Might Just He has the honey brown color as his base and adds platinum blonde highlights. Jungkook blonde hair 2018. Jungkooks hair color here is a mix of honey brown and blone. This photo blinded me. The 20 year old superstar k pop boy band member debuted his bright new look in a selfie on social.

Jungkook’s blonde hair caught ARMY’s attention. As always, Jungkook broke Twitter by doing the bare minimum. Whether it’s posting a photo after weeks of silence or posting on Weverse about.

From blue tips to short blonde strands to long black hair, Jungkook continually plays around with new hairstyles (and his personal style!). It’s hard for us to even pick our favorites.

BTS Member Jungkook Debuts Blond Hair – See His New Look! BTS member Jungkook's gone blond! The 20-year-old superstar K-Pop boy band member debuted his bright new look in a selfie on social.

BTS’ Jungkook’s new hair photo has literally sent the ARMY into a tizzy. TBH we think if Jungkook returns to the stage like this, people will legit have melt downs. Though we’ve watched.

The reveal of Jungkook’s blonde highlights finally ended the mystery of what the singer did with his hair. However, Jungkook’s blonde hair was not the only high point of BTS’s Japan Muster. All of the members of BTS served looks and vocal talent at the fan meeting.

When asked why he had decided to cut his hair, Jungkook explained, “First of all, my hair was too damaged, so it was hard to manage and style.” RM immediately agreed, “Yeah,.

Jungkook only does stuff to his hair for comebacks," one fan wrote on Twitter. Seeing as how the band had been on a two-month hiatus when Jungkook emerged as a blond, we're not ruling out the.