Awasome Long Hair Anime Girl Ideas

Awasome Long Hair Anime Girl Ideas

20 Anime Girls With Long Hair. Anime, Lists. 20 Anime Girls With Long Hair. Akaisweetpea 4 years ago. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . There are plenty of Long Haired Anime girls out there, so here is our list of 20 Long Haired Anime Girls! #20 Tsubaki ( Soul eater) #19 Misaki Ayuzawa ( Kaichou wa maid sama)

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Her long blonde hair is always style straight down and she has long, messy bangs to go with their look. It’s a very chill style everyone can achieve. Most Popular Anime Girls with Pink Hair . 7. Lucy Heartfilia – High Side Pony. Before you ask, Lucy is the anime girl in the picture.

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One of the most iconic anime hairstyles for girls is the buns. Any girl with middle or long length hairs can easily make it. For this hairstyle, the girls have to tie their hair in the form of a bun.

Long-haired anime girls are quite notable mainly because whenever anime chooses to design a character with long hair (especially the uncharacteristically long ones), the character would usually have a unique dimension that is not found on any of the other characters in the series. Thus, most long-haired girls in anime are simply endearing.

2. Hitomi Mishima with Long Hair. Long hair is another classic anime girl hairstyle as it enhances youth and femininity, both of which are very popular in the anime world. A bow finishes this look off adding an extra cutesy punch! 3. Ichigo’s Fringe with Graduated Bob. Sharp, angular, choppy lines with plenty of asymmetries bring this look.

After all, not every anime girl wants a conventional hairstyle. Ritsuko Kunihiro from Shiki has long green locks, which look absurd, and somewhat creepy in motion. Musashi (Jessie) from Pokemon possesses really big hair, which is purple and seems to defy gravity. However, we left the best for last.

Chaika is a 14-year-old anime girl with fabulous hair. Her white hair is long, going a bit over the shoulders and layered. The layers have different length. At the front, they reach a chin-length. The ends are slightly styled inwards. The length of the bangs is also uneven.

Fuwa has long hair that reaches to her back. She also has long wavy hair. That and her hair colour reminds you of seaweed giving her an unkempt look. While not actually fitting into any broad description of having green hair, the loyalty of Fuwa eventually switches to the protagonists and she aids them during their times of need.

Drawing Long Messy Anime Hair Anime long messy hair drawing breakdown. The long messy hair is somewhat similar to the first example but with some extra hair clumps. Again it can be divided up into three parts like all the other examples so far. Draw the long messy hair as follows: Anime messy hair step by step drawing Step 1