Famous Long Hair Faded Sides You Must Know

Famous Long Hair Faded Sides You Must Know

The face helps accentuate the volume and length. This style of hair suits oval, heart face and oblong face shapes. It looks classy, stylish and modern. To style long hair with low fade on the back and sides of the head. Keep the much longer hair on the top of the head and make a hard part on one side of the head. The longer top is then styled.

The pomp fade is an elegant example of why short sides, long top haircuts will always be great styles. The cut also works nicely with a low, mid, high or skin fade and a variety of hair types and lengths. In fact, men with short, medium and long hair can still do the pompadour fade, just with differing heights and volume.

The fade haircut, also known as a taper, involves gradually cutting the hair on your back and sides shorter as it gets closer to your neck. By blending and fading the hair on the sides, from long at the top to short at the bottom, your barber can taper your fade cut into your neck and sideburns.

Cut the hair on the sides and back shorter with assorted fade going down. Add a neat line design at the nape, to sum up, your style. Make your messy topknot a hot trend this year. #13. Slicked Back Hair with Trimmed Sides. Long slicked back hair can be styled in many ways making it an all-rounder long hair fade cut.

The bald fade haircut for black men can make trimmed sides even shorter. Also known as a skin fade, the bald fade blends the sides and back into the skin for an effortless, edgy finish. Instead of tapering from short to shorter hair, skin fades are clean cut and super fresh, and draw even more attention to the short or long hair on top.

This taper fade haircut is perfect for men with long straight hair. Mainly because it won’t be any maintenance at all to have this hairstyle. The tapered sides look amazing side by side with the point cut long hair. 20. Fiery Drop Fade. You can have your long red-orange hair pushed back in a sleek manner and have the sides tapered.

Volume is added to the hair using a blow dryer and then slicked back with the help of a comb. The sides are skin faded using clippers and the blond hairs are coated with a gel type product to hold on to the shape. This short sides long top haircut is a low maintenance hairstyle. #18: Long Hair on Top with Shorter Sides source

Because long hair on top with short hair on the sides is the basis for so many popular men’s hairstyles, the number of cuts and styles to choose from are endless. For example, guys can get a fade or undercut on the sides, while leaving hair longer on top in order to style a quiff , pompadour , slick back , comb over, side part , fringe or any.

With faded sides and long to medium-length hair on top, guys are able to style all the same looks. Medium on top hairstyles are among the hottest styles of the year, and include the quiff, faux hawk, brush back, and thick side part. The advantage of having length is that guys can style all the best looks with just one good haircut.

2 Medium Faded Sides Long Top Fringe This long-top look with a subtle medium fade is perfect for the guy who wants to keep his hair long all over, but still wants that center focus of a long-top short sides haircut.

#23: Long Hair Fade Cut. Long hair fade means that your sides will be extremely short (oftentimes trimmed to 0) and the top section will be super-long. To tame your locks wear them in a bun, ponytail or half pony. It`d be a good idea to hone your braiding skills too.