Awasome Long Haired Dalmatian This Years

Awasome Long Haired Dalmatian This Years

The long coat or "LC" gene is a genetic recessive trait. It violates the current AKC Dalmatian breed standard and is considered an automatic disqualification in the show ring. Due to this fact, the long coats are currently still a highly controversial subject among many Dalmatian enthusiasts. The gene is present in several bloodlines.

The long hair gene is a recessive gene. Meaning both parents have to have at least one copy In order to produce a long haired puppy. There are very few lines of long coats out there, so a REPUTABLE breeder will not be breeding every line together, instead breed for carriers to expand the pedigrees and then breed back to an unrelated male that is also a carrier.

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The long haired Dalmatian males are about 23 inches tall and the females are about 22 inches tall. Both weigh about 45 to 60 pounds (20 to 27 kg). Dalmatian is a sleek, medium-sized dog with a soft, muscular body. The tail is fairly long and has a slight, ward upward curve. The coat is small and thick, with brown or black spots on whites.

Another unfortunate characteristic of the Long Haired Dalmatian is the shedding. Contrary to popular belief all shorthaired dogs are harder to clean after than the longhaired varieties. The hair of a Dalmatian are long and said to be a mix of Golden Retrievers. Boxers and other shorthaired breeds seem to have a barb on its […]

The long coats had been showing up in Dalmatian litters for decades, they were thought of as a disgrace to the breed. So if one showed up in a litter and the breeder wanted to remain reputable, they chose to kill them or hide them. Breeders had been euthanizing or dumping them in rescues for years.

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The Dalmatian is a breed of large-sized dog, noted for its unique white coat marked with black or liver-colored spots and used mainly as a carriage dog in its early days. The origins of the breed can be traced back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia. It is thought that early ancestors of the breed were certain breeds of pointers and a spotted Great Dane.

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Look at how long his coat is, after all. That said, the spots don’t lie: that’s a longhaired Dalmatian. But they’re not the only kind of rare Dalmatians. There are also brown-spotted ones, too! A leopard may not be able to change his spots, but at least the Dalmatian gets to choose between black or brown ones…That’s how it works, right?

The dignified Dalmatian, dogdom’s citizen of the world, is famed for his spotted coat and unique job description. During their long history, these “coach dogs” have accompanied the horse.