Famous Long Haired Hamster References

Famous Long Haired Hamster References

Owning a pet hamster is a big responsibility, especially if you have a long-haired hamster. Long-haired hamsters require a bit more special care than short haired hamsters, though many people prefer the appearance of long haired hamsters. Some long-haired hamsters are called “teddy bear” hamsters, though this is usually only used to describe long-haired Syrian […]

How to Groom a Long Haired Hamster. Hamsters make great pets, and are generally easy to take care of. Long-haired Syrians are a popular variety. However, the longer coat on these hamsters can require a bit more care when it comes to...

Long-haired hamsters may need more cleaning than short-haired hamsters. If you notice your hamster seems dirty, a dry bath or sand bath is your best option. In the wild, hamster clean themselves using abrasive dirt or sand as water drains their fur of necessary oils. Always go for a sand bath over a water bath.

A long-haired male golden hamster Hamsters are very territorial and intolerant of each other; attacks against each other are commonplace. Exceptions do occur, usually when a female and male meet when the female is in heat, but even so, the female may attack the male after mating.

Long haired hamsters are not a good coat type choice for the novice exhibitor, or the person looking for an “easy” coat type. A truly good example of a male long haired hamster is hard to achieve, and achieving that length on a male in combination with excellent type, proper color, correct coat density throughout the length of the coat, etc.

Teddy Bear hamsters, also known as a long haired, fancy and Angora hamster, are a close cousin of the Golden Syrian breed; if not actually the same breed. The males and females of this hamster breed have long hair but it’s the coat of the females that give these fury little gals their name. The coat of the female Teddy Bear grows to about an.

Long-haired male Syrian Hamsters are one of the most popular small pets. They may enjoy human interaction, but they're not crazy about other hamsters so should be housed alone. Find male long-haired hamsters for sale at your local PetSmart store! Price may vary by location.

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The answer to the question how long do hamsters live, differs between the breeds. Dwarf hamsters have an even shorter lifespan. On average, Siberian dwarf hamsters live between 18 months-2 years in captivity. Here is lifespan information for specific hamster species. How long do Russian dwarf hamsters live?

Long Haired Hamsters need attention when kept as pets because their fur becomes matted and tangled up easily as well as attracting individual substrates to sticking. Hamster owners can give their long coats a gentle grooming with a toothbrush or a small flea comb. Satin – Satin Syrians are beautiful animals with a glossy sheen to their coats.

Long-haired hamster may get dirt or mats in their fur that can only be removed by brushing them. The best instrument to use is a clean, unused, soft-bristled toothbrush. Some hamsters may enjoy being brushed, and will sit still for you. Others may find it very annoying and try to get away.