Cool Long Slicked Back Hair Short Sides Ideas

Cool Long Slicked Back Hair Short Sides Ideas

Short slicked back hair can be easy to style and maintain, but long hair can offer versatility and styling options. The slick back is retro, dating back to the 1950’s greaser hairstyles, but has recently become a popular style after hipsters and celebrities brought the haircut back.

Slicked Back Hair. Slicked back hair continues to be one of the best hairstyles for men. Although the cut and style has changed over time, the slick back haircut still requires a fade or undercut on the sides with short or long hair on top.

Short Slicked Back Hair. Keep your hair short and low-maintenance, the slick back for short hair is an excellent option. And despite having less to work with, guys are still able to try a number of different styles, including a short pompadour slick back or comb-over. Long Slicked Back Hair. If you prefer long hair, long slicked back hairstyles.

Give yourself a slicked-back look by pinning your whole hair into a medium bun. Complement this hairstyle with a ducktail beard and get a trendy, fashionable look with a pair of sunglasses. 10. Long Slicked Back Hair with Shaved Sides

Slicked back hairstyles are similar to quiff and Pompadour, and the hair has a smooth and shiny appearance after combing. To get a trendy slicked back hairstyle, you have to combine undercut and fade hair on one side with short, medium or long hair on the top. Check Out These 35 Best Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men 35.

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Slicked Back Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles All you need if you want to give the long top a more business makeover is the addition of a little bit of hair gel. Simply run gel through it and push it back to give it the desired texture and bounce.

The slicked back undercut is one of the top haircuts for men at the moment. With short, buzzed hair on the sides and back of the head and longer hair on top, undercut hairstyles offer flair and are easy to style. The slick back undercut plays on this attractive, high-contrast look, mixing formal and casual.

This hairstyle shows how to slick back short hair. #15: Slicked Back Long Hair: As usual, men with long hair have many options when it comes to hair styling, and this slick back long hair style is no exception. The hair is first combed backwards, using the fingers and then the comb.

Hanging bangs type is done on long hair. One of the sides is shaved leaving the top of the head unshaven. Sides are shaved in such a way that the part close to the top is longer than that at the end. The long mane is dyed at the edges to have brown tips. It is then swept towards one of the sides with short hair forming the hanging bangs.

Short sides long top hairstyles: Mid Fade with Textured Brush Back. Similar to a slick back, brushed-back hair is often textured and thus provides more volume. The clean mid skin fade on the sides is a beautiful touch that further highlights the thick hair on top. Slicked Back Undercut