Awasome Low Fade Long Hair You Must Know

Awasome Low Fade Long Hair You Must Know

A classic low fade long hair combo. 9. Low Taper Fade for Long Hair. The low fade doesn’t stop getting awesome no matter what style you combine it with. The thick textured hair is swept to a side, giving a refreshing look to an already glamorous fade. The long hair looks cooler when contrasted with a beard and is easy to maintain. 10.

The low fade, along with high and mid fade haircuts, remains the most popular way for guys to cut the hair on their sides. Because low fades are versatile, they can be added to any men’s hairstyle – short, long, curly or straight. For instance, you can ask your barber for a short low skin fade all around the back and sides, thereby creating a high-contrast look with your long hair on top.

Best Low Fades. From a low fade with long hair to a low bald fade with any cool short hairstyle, you’ll want to try one of these hot haircuts for guys. Low Bald Fade. Low bald fades are an awesome way to add contrast to your sides. Combined with a slick back style and beard, and guys have a stylish cut that looks great!.

#18: Fade Style for Thick Hair. A low top fade is also ideal for men with a thick hair. The lusher the hair, the more you can flaunt up top while the fade adds even more from the appearance of volume and health. Tell your stylist to only subtly fade the hair, making the thick upper portion the star of the show.

#18: The low fade long on top textured haircut: This low top fade is good for those who want to keep their hair long. Simply brush up the hair slightly swept towards the side and go on decreasing the length of the hair gradually on sides and back. #19: Messy low fade with long hair: You can rock a low fade style even with a messy hair!

The low fade haircut is the go-to of many guys out there who intend to cut both sides of their hair. This style can go along with high or mid fade haircuts. Low fades are the most popular ones because they are so versatile that they work when added to any hairstyles such as long, short, straight, or curly hair.

The V-shape low fade hairstyle for men is achieved by leaving thick long hair on the top while the sides are faded gradually and back is turned into V-shape by trimming the neckline neatly. The top hair turned into super glossy slick back hairstyle for a polished look. The three razor lines at the back give an edgy and awe-inspiring look to men.

What is Low Fade Hair Cut Source. The reason this particular hair cut is called a low fade is the hair here disappear higher than a regular fade but lower than a high fade. The hair in this cut usually disappears at the back of the head and half way through the sides and about an inch from the natural hairlone of the back and the sides of the head.

Low Fade with Long Hair. This low fade with long hair on top is easy to make. This is a great choice for guys, who don’t like to do a lot of shaving. The hair on top is left about 5 – 7 inches long in order to create a comb-over. You can play around with the way you arrange the top part. Fade Haircuts for Men #2.

3. Low Fade with Slicked Back. The low fade looks great with both short and medium lengths of hair on top. If you do opt for a medium length, you should consider a slicked back hairstyle to complete your look. The style, which is sophisticated without appearing overly serious, partners perfectly with a subtle yet sleek small fade.

Low fade vs high fade haircuts, although very similar in cut and style, can make a difference in your overall hairstyle and look. The problem is – most guys aren’t sure exactly what a low fade haircut is and where a high fade haircut starts. Ultimately, the main distinction between the low fade vs high […]