The Best Maroon Hair Color Highlights References

The Best Maroon Hair Color Highlights References

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Cool Maroon Hair Color to Try.. Some may think that purple is a hair color only punks wear, but a lot of examples show that this stunning color highlights femininity perfectly. Long locks, curly or straight, look wonderful when dyed burgundy purple for various reasons. Firstly, this color looks pretty unusual but not too extravagant.

Look closely at the roots, and you will notice a slight orange tint. This makes the maroon hair look deeper and thicker. This color works on both short and long hair. It also helps frame your face. 30. Maroon With Red Highlights

Burgundy (dark red, red wine color) is actively used for hair dyeing in brunettes. Blondes and women with medium brown hair sometimes also resort to this noble hue in order to appear brighter, well, much brighter. Even redheads may try some shades, reminding burgundy, but leaning towards the warmer tints with admixture of cinnamon.

Maroon and burgundy hair color shades can be part of all kinds of looks and images, with some famous examples being so diverse as to include Game of Thrones’ witchy Melisandre, sophisticated class act Sharon Osbourne, and R&B bad girl Rihanna.No matter who it is from whom you take your inspiration, it is undeniable that women with burgundy hair are complex characters that will never fade.

A brown-tinged crimson hair color, maroon styles come in a variety of hues from light and dusty to deep and intense, meaning there’s a shade in this color family that can compliment any skin tone. We love maroon colors for fall, but you can mix them with copper or blonde highlights to create a warm and sunny palette for spring or summer.

Burgundy Hair Color Maintenance. If you have burgundy hair and you decide to get blonde highlights, be prepared and know that that will require constant maintenance. Red hair on its own requires frequent maintenance as the difference between the bright red color and natural blonde or brown roots is always clearly visible, and in no way flattering.

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23. Short Black Hair with Blonde Highlights. Your short hair can come to life with the help of some blonde highlights. The blonde catches the light, creating a beautiful and soft hair color. With shorter hair, it’s best to have lighter shades closer to the roots leaving some room for the base color to shine through.

This is reverse ombre that uses blonde as an under-color for a change. While the base is a rich purple burgundy shade, the undertones are blonde. This technique ensures your hair color looks vivid and stylish at all times. The blonde ends highlight the styling and brighten the burgundy base color. 31. Burgundy Hair and Green Highlights

This will allow you to choose a color that you know should work with your existing base color, as well as picking up a color that you can use to “adjust” the results if you end up with an unwanted color in the highlighted hair. For the situation you describe, I suggest you use a haircolor that is a level 5 or 6 with a red or red-orange base.