Awasome Medium Curly Hair Dog This Years

Awasome Medium Curly Hair Dog This Years

This curly-haired dog breed has a combination of soft and coarse hair and the dog’s head tends to be curliest part of his body. Interestingly, these dogs are often born in with a dark coat , which gradually lightens to the softer blue, sandy, or liver colors that the Bedlington terrier is known for.

If your dog or mixed breed has curls it means somewhere in their lineage there was a dog with curly hair. You can increase the probability of curly haired puppies if one or both parents are carriers of the curly hair gene mutation (The KRT71 Gene).. Originating from 17 th century Hungary the Pumi is a medium to small size sheepdog. Known for.

Curly coats aren’t just stylish and fun, of course—they’ve served a variety of purposes throughout history, most often related to warmth (especially in retrieving breeds). From the waves on a doodle to the tight spirals of an Irish Water Spaniel, curly coats continue to charm dog lovers the world over.

There are many genetic reasons why a dog might have a curly haired coat. If it is a mixed breed mongrel, then somewhere in its lineage is a dog with a curly haired coat. These coats can go from the tightly wound curls of a Poodle to the wavy curls of an Irish Water Spaniel.

1) Portuguese Water Dog: A medium-sized working dog with a weight of up to 35 to 60 pounds, about 22 inches (Males) and 20 inches (Females). This curly dog breed is energetic and needs a regular workout of an average of 30 minutes. It enjoys swimming and can be a nice friend for jogging / running as well.

The Lagotto Romagnolo, whose name literally means "lake dog from Romagnolo," is an Italian dog bred specifically for the purpose of finding truffles, although originally they were bred for waterfowl. The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America describes this unique dog as small- to medium-sized, with thick, curly hair, and a bright, happy demeanor.

The hair is either wavy or curly. Many dogs have mixed pattern hair: curly all over the body but wavy on the tail and ears. From the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Revised Standard for the Portuguese Water Dog come these descriptions of the two coat types: Curly coat: “Compact, cylindrical curls, somewhat lusterless. The hair on the.

A medium-sized herding dog that originated in Hungary in the 17 th or 18 th century, the intelligent and energetic Pumi is used to herd cattle, sheep and swine, Peterson said. Recognized by its circular tail and long head, the Pumi’s coat is a combination of wavy and curly hair and forms corkscrews all over the breed’s body.

Medium-size dogs have more endurance than smaller dogs, so if you want a workout buddy, you may want to start with the medium dogs instead of the small ones. "Medium-sized pups are a great middle-ground between huge and small dogs, and by getting a mixed breed you can have the best of multiple breeds, too," she says.

Not too big; not too small: These dogs are the definition of a happy medium, and probably why they show up on our list of most popular dogs year after year.

Find medium curly haired puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.. Filter Dog Ads Search. still available black male- tall and skinny straight hair light brown eyes apricot male-straight hair. View Details. No Price Listed. View All Breeds Browse Medium-Sized Dogs.