The Best Medium Length Curly Hair Guys You Must Know

The Best Medium Length Curly Hair Guys You Must Know

Medium Length Curly Hair. If a short haircut isn’t your style, then you’ll love these attractive medium length and long curly hairstyles. While medium or long curly hair might be more trouble to maintain, these styles truly make the process of growing out your hair worthwhile.

Your guide to medium length haircuts as a curly-haired dude. While short haircuts are the most popular types of haircuts for curly men, medium-length haircuts are actually the best-looking types of cuts for curly-haired guys (at least, in my opinion and experience as a curly-haired barber).. A medium haircut leaves one’s curly hair at a length ranging from 2 to 6 inches; this can be either.

Medium curly hair generally starts with short sides, and the longer hair on top can be styled into a comb over, slick back, messy fringe, shoulder-length bro flow. The benefit of medium-length curls is versatility, giving guys the option to style a number of different looks.

4. Curly Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs. Curly hair boasts volume and dimension, something most men (and women) would be really glad to have. So show it off with a simple and natural style where the curls are free to fall around the face. Depending on the face shape, considering adding bangs to naturally frame your features.

Whether you have naturally curly, wavy, straight, fine, or thick hair, medium long haircuts can accommodate your unique style. With proper hair care, guys with medium long hair can pull off the latest trends. Just note, if you want to avoid being called a pretty boy, grow a beard or keep the sides and back of your hair short and trimmed.

This is a look for guys with curly hair with Classic Curls to Soft Waves Type hair. Natural + Short Coily. If you have bow-shaped full lips, this is a look that will suit you well. Consider this if you like to sport Kinky to super Kinky types curls. Medium Afro. This is a good look for guys with curly hair having Diamond face type.

But there’s one thing that even the wildest waves, springiest curls, and bounciest coils can agree on: Medium-length cuts are just right.Reach full ringlet potential with these hairstyles for medium-length curly hair. From layers to bangs, shaggy to classic, these natural curly hairstyles are sure to make your life easier and oh-so stylish.

In fact, just about 80% of men have medium-weight hair, and this is perfectly suited to a medium-length cut. So, this cut is ideal for straight hair, curly hair, or afro hair, but there are several other factors which will determine your specific hairdo. Take into account your style, your hair type, as well as the shape of your face.

As a curly-haired barber, I truly feel the satisfaction that one obtains from being inspired by folks who too share the same issues and whatnot (i.e. curly hair); I, myself, was inspired by Rogelio Samson to create this website so I’m forever in debt with this guy for helping me help other curly guys, so to speak.

#5: Medium Length Curly Layered Hairstyle. Layers can be used on medium length natural, curly hair to generate volume at the roots and enhance the organic texture of your locks. Ask your stylist to include a few extra layers around your face for a softer, more flattering look.

If done the right way, guys with curly hair can balance a steamy book cover look with real world capabilities. Little to no facial hair is best (as the focus will be on the sheen and volume of your long hair), and relaxed fashions are best too with the mood of this look.. #38: Medium Length Gelled Curls. Medium curly hair on men looks very.