Incredible Natural Hair Twist Styles Youtube Near Me

Incredible Natural Hair Twist Styles Youtube Near Me

Twist styles are among the most preferred protective hairstyles for natural hair. Other than being easy on the eyes, twisted styles for natural hair are quite versatile. Even though the Senegalese twists are perhaps the most famous, there are different twist hairstyles for natural hair you should try.

Twist hairstyles are not only stylish; they’re also practical, especially now that we’ve been social distancing and most of us are in the mood to switch things up. Braid twist hairstyles are also considered protective hairstyles, since they usually consist of weaving in hair extensions onto a person’s real, natural hair, thus shielding it from heat and styling damage for weeks at a time.

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@YoursNaturally11 on Youtube. This twist out was done on natural hair that was blown out first. The advantage to starting out with blown out hair is that your twist out will be less frizzy and your hair will show more length. This is because you are staring on hair that has already been stretched. Get defined results without the frizz. 13.

Twist hairstyles for natural hair 2017 like these are fast becoming a popular option for women (and men) with Afro-textured hair. Also known sometimes as “mini twists”, “two-strand twists” and also “flat twists”, they’re a hairstyle that comes with more possibilities to customise it than you could shake your fist at.

2. Rat tail comb – This comb helps to keep your parts neat especially for intricate styles that need to look as if you spent a little time doing them. Use the pointy end of the comb only for natural hair! 3. Goodie bands – Not only do these hold your hair in place, they are great for separating sections of hair keeping it out of the way until you are ready for it.

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Other than that twist hairstyles provide the same benefits: protection of natural hair, length retention and a great base for versatile hairstyles. Twists differ in caliber and type (hanging loosely twists and flat twists plaited close to the scalp like cornrows) There are also Senegalese twists , Havana twists, Marley twists, kinky twists .

Protective styles are the best way to keep your hair moisturized, protected, and looking good with minimal manipulation throughout the week. The twist-and-curl is a great protective natural style; it combats shrinkage by stretching the hair through a two-step process with a twist and flexi rods, resulting in maximum volume for moisturized, big and defined curly hair.

Natural twist related products can be applied to these medium twist which can produce beautiful twist outs. Twist Bun Image Source: This is a very easy hairstyle. All you need is to do is to section your hair as desired with your favorite natural hair twist product and twist create your two strand twists.

I thought putting more product in my hair would help achieve a moisturized twist out. Unfortunately, my hair holds so much water it takes about 2 days for it to try with excess product. If you ever tried to unravel a twist that’s still wet then you understand the struggle.