Incredible Protective Styles For Natural Hair With Braiding Hair This Years

Incredible Protective Styles For Natural Hair With Braiding Hair This Years

Sometimes protective styles for natural hair can take a little more time to complete, but we think this one is worth it. The bent twists are directed upward and forward to give way to the fun curly top. It’s the perfect choice if you prefer a hairstyle with a little extra height.

While protective styles like braids, locs, and twists have been around for centuries, they were practically nonexistent outside of smaller black communities. Even there, straight hair was.

And things can get especially tricky if you're trying a protective style on naturally kinky, curly, or coily hair. Here's the thing: Protective hairstyles must look good and be built to last.

Protective styles from braids, twists and locs for your natural curly hair. Check out these 23 Celeb-inspired hairstyles you'll want to try right now.

For women with afro-textured hair, natural curls are a blessing but also a responsibility. African-American women are blessed with thick dense hair that can be skillfully shaped into breathtaking hairstyles. However, natural afro hair needs extra care. In the world of natural hair, rocking protective styles has become an added bonus of having more…

These braids are by far one of the most artistic and intricate protective styles. To achieve the desired look, stylists cornrow braiding hair from the middle of the head to the sides, often adding.

Protective styles for natural hair braids like this require very long hair, can also be done with long extension hair if you choose. These cornrows for natural hair growth are amazing and homegirl's edges are laid to the fullest, and although she has a softer grade of hair than 4c natural, this could definitely be worn on type 4 hair too!

Protective Styles Protect Natural Hair. Protective hairstyles aim to limit the stress of environmental factors on natural hair by keeping the ends of hair tucked away in order to discourage tugging, pulling, and manipulation. But if you don’t know how to maintain your natural hair under these styles, it can cause more harm than good.

Easy Protective Styles For Natural Black Hair. All easy protective styles for natural hair presented in this collection not only practical, but they are very creative, feminine, and easy to do. This updo with cute brads will become your favorite hairstyle one you try. This is a simple tutorial how to do it by yourself.

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Among protective hairstyles for natural hair, Havana twists stand out through grace and style. Havana twists can be easily identified through the rope-like braiding technique, an aspect that also leads to them being regarded as rope braids.