The Best Splat Blue Hair Dye With Bleach This Years

The Best Splat Blue Hair Dye With Bleach This Years

Splat hair color kits are made for having fun and expressing yourself - anytime, anywhere, any way you please. And no one gives you more vivid color. Splat Hair Dye - Rebellious Style - Artisanal Colors

10 Splat Blue Hair Dye – Splat Envy Hair Color Blue Envy is a vibrant blue hair dye that can get you pretty close to a true electric blue. But the key to achieving the same cobalt blue shade you see pictured on the box is working with hair that’s been bleached to a pale blonde shade.

The bleach was pretty strong(I never had to use the bleach to get my hair purple) so I’d suggest doing with a window open.. the blue was more stronger than their purple I.E I thought the purple stained a lot but the blue .. my tub looks like a Sims pool 🤣 but over all I LOVE the colour will be ordering again and rocking the blue all summer.

Thankfully, an affordable hair color brand, aptly named Splat, has a line of at-home hair dye specialized for people with dark hair.The best part is that it's formulated without any bleach. The box lets you test out a cool, new hue and avoid the brittle texture, breakage, and split ends that can accompany overly-processed hair.

Available in numerous vibrant colors, Splat hair dyes are very popular amongst men and women of all ages. I too gave into a light blue Splat shade which did look great initially but refused to fade out even after four months of application.

The Splat collection, however, uses what the company refers to as "direct dyes," which allow brunettes to color their hair a bold hue—without bleaching first.

So how long does splat hair dye last? Splat hair dye lasts for 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the number of washes, color applied, and your maintenance routine. Since splat hair dye is a semi-permanent type of dye, be mindful of dyeing the hair again once it starts fading.

Splat’s Hair Bleach Kit has everything you need to get started: Lightening Bleach Powder, Splat Oxide, Shampoo, and Conditioner. The bleach in this kit is a volume 30, which is not strong enough to ZAP your hair into straw but will lighten it a few levels with the appropriate care.

Splat hair dye is a unique formula that gives the hair a vivid and long-lasting color. The dye on its own forms a protective shield that prevents the color from washing out. This hair dye comes in a one-application kit that includes bleach, color, and peroxide.

the product here does not dye a full head, it does however contain a lot of conditioner which can be seen when you wash off the color. it has very little pigment in it that you will get your hair dyed but not all of it. you can apply it all over your hair and the color wont absorb in it because it does not have enough color. it will leave behind a slight residue of color on your bleached hair.

Whilst hair dyes will look most vibrant in bleached hair, Splat hair dye will give even darker shades a splash of colour. With stunning colours such as the shining turquoise colour Aqua Rush, and the pretty in Pink Fetish colour which gives hair a gorgeously popping colour.