Incredible Wet Curly Hair Everyday This Years

Incredible Wet Curly Hair Everyday This Years

I wet, condition and scrunch aloe Vera gel into my hair everyday. My hair is always baby soft and hopefully I'll retain loads of length this way. However the main reason for me to wet my hair everyday is spots of my scalp bothering me a lot with the itches. Wetting hair and scrubbing my scalp lightly daily keep the itchies at bay.

Curly hair type may become straight when wet but takes its definition when it becomes dried. While I have advised you not to wash your hair every day because doing so can stress and dry out your curls, you can decide to wet it every other day based on the result you want to achieve or an event you want to attend or how you want to appear to work!.

Water cannot dry your hair out, certain products/ingredients can dry your hair out. If you are shampooing your hair everyday, then yes, you will have dry hair, but water alone will not do it. Actually my hair was most moisturized when I started co-washing twice per week compared to once per week. Hair is like a plant and needs to be watered.

I have to wet my hair everyday. help. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I looked at the FAQs and didn't see it. Due to intense daily workouts, I can't simply do a "refresh" on non-wash days. I have to completely soak my head with water to remove the sweat (I have a hard enough time refraining from using shampoo every day for this reason.

If you are wetting down your hair and have any product in it, you can get an oily look or flakes. Personally I am a fail hair washer who uses a rinse out conditioner. My hair is baby soft and very easy to style. I blow dry it for no more than abou...

Perfect curls are the hair holy grail but achieving them can be much harder than it looks. We put your problems to a curly hair expert, so you can get good curl days, every day.

People who want to take good care of their hair often think that washing it every day is the way to keep it clean and vibrant. However, for some people, frequent washing can damage hair and cause.

Washing your hair incorrectly can lead to scalp irritation, dandruff, and other scalp issues. How often someone decides to wash their hair is a personal choice, although a standard can be set according to one’s lifestyle and hair type. I wash my hair with shampoo once every two weeks and co-wash weekly just to refresh my strands.

i understand you are supposed to only shampoo it once every 2 days. what if i wet it down twice a day though? once in the mourning and once at night when i take my shower. i just try get damp hair in the mourning so i can have regular curly hair and not waves. and at night i usually make sure my hair is dry before i go to bed. i try to be gentle when i dry my hair with a towel and usually just.

Okay. I'll be the first to admit that I have committed the cardinal curly sin: For years, I have been washing my natural hair with shampoo every 2-3 days. Sometimes I've even shampooed it GASP every single day.. When I told this to my stylist, she immediately retorted, "You can't do that to your hair, G!"

Water if its clean and not overly chlorinated will do no harm to your hair. Standing under the shower with water running through your hair will take off dust and soluble salt secretions. It will not take out what got trapped by oily secretions fro...