Cool What Happened To The Dad That Cut His Daughters Hair References

Cool What Happened To The Dad That Cut His Daughters Hair References

Angry Dad Cut’s Daughter’s Hair As Punishment. Apparently, Schaffen and his partner didn’t approve of the highlights. And so, they took Kelsey to another salon where her dad had them cut soo of his daughter’s hair off. When Kelsey returned to Christin’s doorstep, she was devastated.

Ohio authorities are investigating after a mother’s Facebook complaint that her ex-husband cut their daughter’s hair as punishment for getting highlights went viral. Tens of thousands of.

Photo via Instagram/Christin Johnson. The internet is slamming a father who allegedly cut his daughter’s hair after she was treated to highlights for her birthday.

Dad Cuts Off Daughter’s Hair When She Gets Highlights. Every kid deserves to be spoiled on their birthday. Kelsey Frederick had two parents in her life who cared about her and wanted what was best for her. Her parents, Christin and Schaffen, might not be together anymore, but they still love their daughter dearly.

Dad cuts daughter’s hair off for getting birthday highlights, then mom does the unthinkable. She went to the police, started an online campaign, and people reached out to help her daughter. Thanks to her wig, Kelsey has her confidence back, but her relationship with her father might never be the same.

According to a fundraiser created by Kelsey’s aunt, the teen’s father and stepmother cut her hair. They learned she got highlights and told her, “Actions have consequences.” Apparently, the adult entrusted to care for the teen decided her consequence was to receive a drastic and unwanted haircut.

An Ohio father is on leave from firefighting duty after allegedly cutting his teenage daughter's hair extremely short as possible punishment for getting highlights on her birthday.

An Ohio father may need to turn in his "#1 Dad" mug after allegedly forcing his teenage daughter to cut off all but a couple of inches of hair when he disapproved of her new highlights. In a.

She included a photo of her daughter, Kelsey, with long hair, and two photos of her in a dramatically shorter cut with her face covered. The post ignited an online firestorm. It has been shared over 25,000 times with thousands of comments, with many people criticizing Kelsey's father and stepmom.

Kelsey’s long highlighted hair had suddenly been chopped off. Instead, she had a short pixie cut with choppy shaved sides. Her father and stepmother reportedly cut off her hair as punishment for.

This dad cut off his daughter’s hair for getting birthday highlights. Turning 13 is meant to be a delightfully joyous occasion for all. It’s a time to celebrate the turning of your first big birthday. A descent into adulthood. Something that every 13-year old deserves to celebrate this in style!